Facebook Announces Graph Search

Facebook announced its “next big thing” this morning at a live press conference in Menlo Park:  Graph Search – the ability for a Facebook user to search Facebook’s 1 billion users, 240 billion photos and 1 trillion connections with queries such as:

  • photos of my friends before 1990
  • photos of friends who have been to Yosemite National Park
  • people who have been product managers and who have been founders.
  • ASA Ames Research Center employees who are friends with Facebook employees.
  • Friends of my friends who are single females in San Francisco, Calif., and who are from Argentina.

Graph Search allows you to refine your search options and drill down to a specific person, object or connection, and is “privacy aware”.

The implications for recruiting and business applications are huge – and the impact on Google, LinkedIn and even Yelp is yet to be determined.

Facebook’s announcement:


CNET’s coverage (with live comments):



Facebook Introduces Facebook Gifts…and Raises the Stakes in the Battle over Customer Identity

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Yesterday, Facebook launched Facebook Gifts, a new social gifting service that allows users to send physical gifts to their friends, the result of Facebook’s May acquisition of mobile e-commerce app Karma for $80 million. [Facebook used to have a Gift Shop application that allowed users to send virtual gifts in the form of images, but that was discontinued in August 2010.] “Every day, millions of people share special moments with their friends on Facebook by saying “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” or simply, “I’m thinking of you.” Now there is another way to celebrate those moments. Starting today, you can give real gifts to […]

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CNN and Facebook Team Up for 2012 Election Insights

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CNN and Facebook have partnered to produce a new interactive Facebook app and newly unveiled this week that’s directly embedded in CNN’s website known as Facebook-CNN Election Insights. Powering the experience is Mass Relevance, a  social integration platform and service provider that has powered some of the most heavily trafficked integrated social experiences online in recent months, including the NBC Olympics Twitter Tracker and the American Idol Nation Fan Hub. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look, it’s pretty cool – the tool displays interactive, real-time charts and visualizations using Facebook’s built-in metrics tools aka Insights to gauge how […]

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Microsoft’s New Logo – The First in 25 Years

Microsoft unveiled a new logo yesterday, the first change to their logo in 25 years. My honest opinion? Blecch. It’s so….square. Yes, I get it – it’s a Window…but where’s the imagination? Where’s the inspiration? At least the old font had some oddly charismatic attractiveness to it  - even the chunk out of the “o” is edgy and familiar (known as the “Pacman Logo”). The new font is so boring. And the standard test of all logos – what does the new logo look like in black and white? 4 shades of grey boxes? Though maybe this doesn’t matter so […]

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Is it OK to Ask Your Customers for a Yelp Review?

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Michael Luca, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, wrote a really good anlaysis on Harvard Business Review entitled “Yelp Is Leaving Chains Behind”, on the real impact of Yelp and its review and ratings system on a business’s bottom line. Michael conducted research and studied records on 3,582 restaurants that were in business in Seattle at any point from 2003—2009 and discovered that increases in independent or small chain restaurants’ Yelp ratings lead to revenue increases, with ratings having more impact the more reviews a restaurant gets.  It’s  also a great example of how important it is to measure […]

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Toyota Camry – Reinvented Marketing

Now this is what I call a BRILLIANT piece of social marketing – funny, entertaining, and totally compelling for sharing. I just can’t decide if I like the male couch or the police masseuse better…

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Facebook Timeline Finally Available To Everyone Worldwide

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Facebook has announced an update on the Facebook blog today that the rollout of Timeline, its new profile page concept and layout, is now available wordwide. Timeline was originally introduced at the Facebook f8 conference on September 22, 2011, but was limited to only a few people and those who took the time to install the “developer” version (yes, for geeks like me who couldn’t wait). Timeline is, according to Facebook, “…a new kind of profile that lets you highlight the photos, posts and life events that help you tell your story”. It looks completely different from the “old” Facebook, which was […]

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WordPress Workshop Part 4: The Wonderful World of Plugins

In this one-hour webinar, we cover the Wonderful World of Plugins for WordPress, including: What is a Plugin The “Secret World” of Plugins How to Find a Plugin How to Assess a Plugin How to Install a Plugin The Top most useful WordPress Plugins Click here to see Part 1 – An Introduction to WordPress CLICK HERE to see the file in Windows Media Player (WMV) DOWNLOAD the Presentation Slides – PDF

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Twitter Announces Enhanced Profile Pages

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Last week, Twitter introduced a new design that simplifies the look and feel of your Twitter profile on both Twitter.com and mobile phones. TweetDeck has also been updated to be consistent with the new version. The new design is scheduled to be rolled out over the next few weeks, and is available on just-updated versions of mobile.twitter.com. Twitter for iPad is scheduled for a later release, and will Twitter promises to share news as it becomes available. The design includes four new tabs which, according to Twitter will “bring you instantly closer to everything you care about”. The new tabs […]

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Editorial: An Open Letter to Cirque de Soleil

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Dear Cirque de Soleil, First, I need to tell you of my absolute admiration for the incredible accomplishments of Cirque de Soleil – artistic and creative, ingenious and inventive, athletic and graceful, masterful and musical – just a true joy to watch and experience the “grandest circus” of them all. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing 3 Cirque de Soleil shows in my life, the first was Saltimbanco in Seattle about 12 years ago, the second was Zumanity in Las Vegas 6 years ago, and last weekend I saw Totem in San Francisco – all of them beautifully executed with […]

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Social Media Around The World 2011

A great presentation from Steven Van Belleghem, Marloes Eenhuizen  and Elias Veris of InSites Consulting, a European market research company that like to call themselves “change agents” rather than market researchers, on stats, figures and really interesting factoids about the state of Social Media all around the world in 2011. Love their “who we are”…:“We are a crazy blend of academic visionaries, passionate marketers and research innovators who are determined to challenge the status quo by taking research forward every day and bringing a sense of ‘coolness’ to it.” And here’s the presentation: Social media around the world 2011

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