52 Writing Ideas for Facebook and Your Blog…

 by Roohi Moolla on May 2, 2011 · 0 comments

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What to Write?
Need some inspiration for your Blog or Facebook page? Don’t know what to write about or running out of ideas? Here’s a list of the Top 52 ideas I could come up with to get you started…feel free to add your own!
  1. Share an experience
  2. Offer Expert Tips
  3. Describe a passion
  4. Invite/Offer an Opinion
  5. Write a Case Study
  6. Write a Review
  7. Share an Anecdote
  8. Give/Ask for advice
  9. Draw an Analogy
  10. Respond to a News story
  11. Report a Trend
  12. Question an Idea
  13. Quote someone else (give credit)
  14. Describe a person/place/thing
  15. Narrate a story
  16. Explain a Process
  17. Give an Example
  18. Make a List
  19. Define a Concept
  20. Argue a Point
  21. Write a Speech
  22. Ask a question
  23. Post an Event
  24. Share a memory
  25. Describe a trip
  26. Provide instructions
  27. Tell a fictional story
  28. Write a biography
  29. Write down a home recipe
  30. Expose a hoax
  31. Do a Poll
  32. Track an ongoing event
  33. Describe a place that no longer exists
  34. Create a fantasy
  35. Describe a scientific method
  36. Relate a historical event
  37. Offer a point/counter-point discussion
  38. Provide a definition
  39. Compare historical figures
  40. Pose a theory
  41. Reveal a passion
  42. Teach a lesson
  43. Write a letter
  44. Make an announcement
  45. Publicize a product/service
  46. Connect disparate concepts
  47. Create a connection
  48. Describe a dream
  49. Share a moment
  50. Translate a piece of literature
  51. Describe a cultural/historical icon
  52. Depict a character

There’s really no limit, is there…

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